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Class of 2022

Parents of Seniors

Graduation is in sight, congratulations to you for making it through this challenging time!

We still have much to accomplish before we celebrate so we are asking for your help.

Please make sure that your student is attending school every day, SLCSE students including Seniors work up until the very end of the school year. We also want them to participate in all of the traditional rites of passage for Seniors including the following:

  • Senior Showcase (see attached invitation) May 24 4:30 - 6pm


  • Senior Sleepover May 26th (supervised by SLCSE faculty)


  • Senior Prank the night of May 26th!


  • Senior Ditch Day May 27th (this is not a school sponsored event, students leave campus together and go spend a fun day together (unsupervised by teachers))


  • Graduation Practice May 31 & June 1


  • Graduation Walk through the SLCSE halls June 1


  • End of Year presentations of their senior project June 2


  • Graduation June 3 at 5pm Northwest Middle School


Students will receive their caps and gowns starting May 20. They need to have submitted their Senior Showcase, completed any credit recovery, and be passing their classes to get their caps and gowns and participate in graduation practice.

The entire Faculty and Staff is incredibly proud and excited to celebrate the Class of 2022!