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Who Are We?

The Introduction
At most schools, counselors divide students by alphabet. At SLCSE, we have a small enough student-to-counselor ratio that we don't feel the need to make that part of our deal. Whether your student's last name is Aabot or Zeebina, we'd be happy to connect. It's as simple as a call or email. Or just stop by! Our offices are just down the hall from the Main Office. Head west to find Ashley in the first office on the left (1010) and Rachel in the second office on the left (1011). 

Rachel Fletcher & Ashley Paulsen-Cook


Rachel Fletcher has a Bachelor's degree in French and a Master's degree in School Counseling.  She spent the last twenty years moving from British Columbia to Seattle to Sweden to Oregon to Nepal to Washington to New Zealand, and then finally to Utah. In that time, she did a lot of reading, running, writing, baking, house-cleaning, and child-rearing. She feels lucky to have stumbled upon a job as a Teacher's Aide at SLCSE, where she then moved on to discover her niche as a school counselor. 

Hours:  Monday - Thursday 8-4 and 8-1 on Fridays.
Or Call: 801-578-8226 ext. 1011



Ashley earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah. She then continued her interest in engineering by completing a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. Then she taught the engineering class at SLCSE during the school's inaugural year. After that, she decided to head back to school and get her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology which would allow her to work as a school counselor. Working at SLCSE is a great break from her other job as a mother to three kids: her first little boy and her twins.  

Hours:  Monday 8-5, Wednesday &Thursdays 8:30-3:30
Or Call: 801-578-8226 ext. 1010